Evolving medical advances, and new discoveries by practitioners and researchers in trichology, lead to improved hair loss and scalp care, as well as substantial results for patients.

Our annual conferences provide targeted information for patients, medical professionals and program hair professionals appropriate for each audience! Are you patient? Trichologists? Cosmetologists? Beauty professionals? Specialists in hair loss? Doctors ? Nurses? Dietitians? Prosthesis specialists for cancer patients post chemotherapy? Choose your conference for 2019.


Only medical treatment is not always enough. It is important to consider other factors that can influence health in general and specifically, the health of the hair! the vision of the therapy is always the same: to find the cause of the problem and to solve it in a targeted way. The gentle and rigorous methods at the same time bring you to the least expected results, you will discover your own skills to be master of your therapy!

AM Trichologist offers three types of coaching tailored on your as part of the follow-up should not be done on site, consultation by video conference (WhatsApp, Skype, …) or telephone.

Coaching “transformation”

Last but not least! This coaching is led by our partner Greatness Accademy. Your well-being is based on a good image of yourself and your own positive spirit. This workshop lasts three days and will help you become the best version of yourself.

Dietary coaching

Eating well and balanced is essential for your hair health and your health in general. We offer tailor-made coaching to achieve your goals and we adapt to your pace, your needs, your eating habits and the effort you want to invest. We offer a consultation on site to adapt the diagram to your wishes, and other consultations to follow your progression “at a distance”.

Coaching "self image care"

This coaching is ideal to express who you are by your appearance! Any success, professional, social and even spiritual will depend on how you want to define your image. The definition of his identity also goes through the appearance in which the hair takes a big part! But the harmony is more important, so we must take into account other aspects, that is to say, clothing and accessories, verbal and non-verbal expression for a total therapeutic look. The structure of the program is also based on your personal needs.

Accompaniment to measure if you come from abroad

“During your stay, the useful is linked to the pleasant because the quality of the service is assured down to the smallest details”

The concept of AM-Trichologist aims to offer you the best care, with the best comfort.

If you reside abroad, want to travel for a complete trichology checkup or for a hair transplant, a stay of 3 to 4 days is necessary. We can help you with the booking of your hotel.

In general, a surgical procedure lasts 1 day, but if the zone to be implanted is more extensive, in other words the number of grafts larger, 2 days may be necessary.

As part of the non-surgical medical treatment, we organize your care, so that when you arrive, all exam appointments are scheduled, to quickly make the diagnosis and offer you a suitable treatment