They are the result of skin penetration by the curved scalp (after shaving in men or after hair removal in women) which causes the formation of papules, follicular papulopustules, papulo-pustules perifollicular or foreign body ganulomas . My prevention is to remove shaving or waxing with the pliers and to recommend waxing, the use of lotions or depilatory creams, the use of special razors (protected triple blades or electric clippers with adjustable shoe) or permanent hair removal. The treatment of lesions is based on the administration of local antibiotics (topical erythromycin) or bone.

Keloid follicles

Localized mainly on the nape of the neck, keloid folliculitis is histologically characterized by an early papule (inflammation infundibulum and isthmus) and a granulomatous infiltrate (deep part) and then by a cicatricial plaque. Do not shave this area, and treat with local and oral antibiotics (cyclins), intralesional corticosteroids (1 to 4 times per month), liquid nitrogen cryotherapy and surgical excision, performed with caution.

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