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AM Trichologist is a multidisciplinary structure that works closely in a treatment plan. All necessary medical examinations are carried out to choose a well-targeted and therefore effective treatment. The AMT team is made up of doctors specialized in hair pathology: dermatologists specializing in hair, doctors specializing in hair implants, endocrinologists, gynecologists, medical beauticians, and dietician. Her team and her, professionals, highly qualified in their field, will be able to accompany you to a care adapted to your situation.

The sooner we are treated, the better will be the result! It is highly recommended to consult as simply as a preventive measure. If some problems are transient such as postpartum alopecia, some are more permanent and progressive such as alopecia endogenetic which leads to baldness, which can also occur in women.

How are we doing?

Being a trichologist is like being a detective. Sometimes you have to dig to find the problem. It sometimes happens that something in a person’s life, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hormones, diabetes, stress, … or even medications, can cause hair loss. In other cases, genetics could be at the root of the problem. This could be hereditary, a mother or father might have hair loss or maybe grandparents.

For your first appointment, we invite you to carry out an anamnesis via a questionnaire.

According to the answers provided, we identify with you the cause of the loss (visual analysis, general health, current medical treatment, heredity, …). Then we go a step further and perform a microscope analysis. It can lead to further analyzes, such as a biopsy, trichogram or trichoscan. The results of all these analyzes will make it possible to define the best therapeutic scheme to follow, the frequency and the duration. After the results a suitable treatment is proposed. We follow together the progression and the rendering of the care.

We carry out our consultations on different sites. Choose your place and date of appointment.