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The medical expert specialized in PREVENTION, TREATMENT and PERSONALIZED FOLLOW-UP of your hair

The hair is a mirror that reflects on the outside what we live inside. To take care of it is to value several aspects of your being.

What do we do ?

AM Trichologist offers consultations to prevent or treat hair conditions and offers personalized treatment


Diagnostic hair

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Injection treatment on the scalp

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Laser treatment for hair loss

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Micro aesthetic tattoo for bald areas

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Hair implant

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Herbal treatment to revitalize hair

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Aware of your well-being and your aesthetics, AM-Trichologist also accompanies you on other non-medical therapeutic aspects


Presentation of the founder

Adeline Mukarukundo

Nurse - Trichologist

After 11 years in interventional cardiology as a nurse, Adeline decides to put herself at the service of the men and women whose lives are impacted by various pathologies of the hair.

It is thus a first challenge and proposes to the hospital St Pierre, in Brussels, to open a service to complete the technical and aesthetic part of the medical consultations. After 1 year, the value of the added service is well recognized, satisfied patients,

Adeline decides to continue and increase this activity. 

Aligned with her passion and mission, she is continually looking for new methods and techniques for repair and hair care. Recently, she trained at USTI and also holds the American Trichologist certification.

She also decides to speak, raise awareness and give advice through consultation, but also coaching and conferences.

“People are eager to find solutions for their hair after each consultation, it increases my pleasure to give the best of myself to best meet their needs, children as adults. “

99% satisfaction

They witness ...

  • Problem encountered: Mixed hair with beautiful curls but difficult to disentangle and hair naturally dry, in a child of 10 years!
  • Results: Happy and proud to keep his afro because it is easier to manage on a daily basis:
  • Testimonial: Noah had told me when leaving Adeline’s house: “I do not want to do my braids and care elsewhere than at home because the hairdressers where we went before, shoot, tear and their products stick my hair together. At Adeline products are soft, do not feel too strong and my hair is no longer torn. “
  • Problem encountered: Alopecia traction with friction of the wig and weaving.
  • Results: Following the change of products (prescribed) and advice on the type of hairstyle respecting the structure of his hair, this has given a satisfactory evolution.
  • Testimony: I applied to the letter all the advice and treatment that Adeline prescribed me and I see a clear improvement! This says it is still difficult for me to do without some hair habits that can be at the source of the breakage (friction with the wig) but very slowly I make changes in my daily life to find a front line completely filled as before to enjoy my beautiful hair length! Maybe I should let myself be tempted for trichopigmentation to feel totally free overnight.
  • Problem encountered: Difficulties to manage daily the frizzy hair and mixed race for his daughter (hydration, disentangling and hairstyles adapted without damaging the hair)
  • Results: It was a pleasure to accompany the mother-child couple as part of a coaching for hair care and see that two sessions were enough to give a good level of autonomy to treat the hair with the most natural and get the patience and the desire to Célia aged 3 years to participate in its hair beauty!
  • Testimonial: Thanks to her passion for hair treatment, Adeline encouraged me to leave my hair natural (without straightener). I will not have arrived without his advice and care. She is also good advice for the hair of my daughter Métis.
  • Problem encountered: Lack of knowledge of cosmetics adapted to the texture of frizzy hair and how to style them to showcase them, find cool styles of hairdressing in a professional consulting environment and also for more eventful occasions.
  • Results: Super nice work and results in a client very receptive to advice! Satisfied customer for remote work «Brussels (Belgium) – Ottawa (Canada)»
  • Testimonial: Four years ago I was natural and at the beginning I had trouble with the texture of my hair. I was almost going to give up and relax them when I met Adeline (AM-Trichologist). She helped me better understand how to accept, care for and pamper my hair!

We had the opportunity to meet as part of a professional retraining coaching at ILES Entreprendre, Adeline to present her passion for her future trichologist profession.

A former nurse in interventional cardiology, she is passionate about this new path. She has a great motivation and satisfaction to work on her project.

She worked on the competition analysis and the customer analysis in a very detailed way in order to have a real differentiation to propose.

The passion and energy she puts on every day seriously increases the quality of her services to her patient. Here are some testimonials

  • Problem encountered: Alopecia traction following braids and tight hairstyles / under medical treatment for 8 months.
  • Results obtained: very good results and satisfactory follow-up, good visible regrowth, better density, softer hair.
  • Testimonial: I was very happy to go to her consultation about my hair loss problem. Following his advice and medical treatments, I see the results after a few months, which are also noted by my entourage!

Why come to AM Trichologist ?

AM Trichologist – Satisfaction garantie

satisfaction guaranteed

Trichologist certified in the United States and nurse assigned to the Department of Dermatology, Adeline MUKARUKUNDO is best placed to help you
suivi medical

Customized tracking

All the necessary medical examinations are carried out by our team of experts to choose a treatment adapted to your situation and therefore effective
Aimez vos cheveux

Careful hair

The sooner we are treated, the better will be the result! It is highly recommended to consult as simply as a preventive measure. Having hair will become a pleasure.

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