AM trichology

The medical expert specialized in PREVENTION, TREATMENT and PERSONALIZED FOLLOW-UP of your hair

The hair is a mirror that reflects on the outside what we live inside. To take care of it is to value several aspects of your being.

Presentation of the founder

Adeline Mukarukundo

Nurse - Trichologist

After 11 years in interventional cardiology as a nurse, Adeline decides to put herself at the service of the men and women whose lives are impacted by various pathologies of the hair.

It is thus a first challenge and proposes to the hospital St Pierre, in Brussels, to open a service to complete the technical and aesthetic part of the medical consultations. After 1 year, the value of the added service is well recognized, satisfied patients,

Adeline decides to continue and increase this activity. 

Aligned with her passion and mission, she is continually looking for new methods and techniques for repair and hair care. Recently, she trained at USTI and also holds the American Trichologist certification.

She also decides to speak, raise awareness and give advice through consultation, but also coaching and conferences.

“People are eager to find solutions for their hair after each consultation, it increases my pleasure to give the best of myself to best meet their needs, children as adults. “

What do we do ?

AM Trichologist offers consultations to prevent or treat hair conditions and offers personalized treatment

Diagnostic hair

diagnostic hair


Injection treatment on the scalp


Micro aesthetic tattoo for bald areas

Hair Grafts

Hair implant


Herbal treatment to revitalize hair

Satisfaction guaranteed

They witness ...

Why come to AM Trichologist ?

AM Trichologist – Satisfaction garantie

satisfaction guaranteed

Trichologist certified in the United States and nurse assigned to the Department of Dermatology, Adeline MUKARUKUNDO is best placed to help you
suivi medical

Customized tracking

All the necessary medical examinations are carried out by our team of experts to choose a treatment adapted to your situation and therefore effective
Aimez vos cheveux

Careful hair

The sooner we are treated, the better will be the result! It is highly recommended to consult as simply as a preventive measure. Having hair will become a pleasure.

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